The Ultimate Road Trip: Day Three

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Well, the toughest day in terms of travelling was over.Day 3-11 Hours 30 Minutes, 17,610 vertical feet
Well, the toughest day in terms of travelling was over. Now we had to conquer the toughest day of skiing. We had to ski eight resorts before the day was through.

Starting off from Glenwood Springs, we fought rush-hour traffic traveling into Aspen, knocking us right off schedule. We hit the four Aspen mountains just after a storm had come in over night and dropped six to eight inches of new snow onto the groomed trails.

Many trails later, we ended the day in Keystone with dinner at the tiny Ski Tip restaurant. We were all exhausted and experiencing some serious shin-bang. The pain subsided and the food, beer and wine tasted especially good now that we knew we were heading into the home stretch.

The Aspen Four
Beaver Creek
Arapahoe Basin