Killington Brings Out the Snow Guns

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Killington, VT, Sept. 28, 2000--Snowmakers at Killington Resort brought out the snow guns yesterday to begin blowing snow today. The snowmaking team is armed with the fruits of a $5 million snowmaking expansion that recently met completion after 2 years.

"We'll make some snow, and it'll help pretty the place up with all the great foliage we've got out there," said resort president Allen Wilson. "It's nice to be making snow again, but the real story will be who opens first. It's something Killington has done for the past 39 consecutive years," Wilson added.

Along the Cascade Trail on Killington Peak, hikers may see white mixed in with the bright red, orange, and yellow colors of the fall foliage. The tree-viewing season comes to Killington later this year due partially to a wet summer.

"Getting going early is part of our mantra," said Wilson. "Once the leaves start to turn, everyone around here gets pretty excited about making snow," Wilson continued.