Mammoth to Operate Gotcha Glacier

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Anaheim, CA Apr. 11--Gotcha Glacier, an indoorsnowboard and surf park being built in Anaheim, announced today that it hassigned a management agreement with Mammoth Mountain to oversee allsnow-related operations.

As official snow operator, Mammoth will report to Facility Manager OgdenEntertainment and will be responsible for snowmaking, grooming, terrainpark, ski and snowboard rentals and lesson operations. In addition, Mammothwill operate 2,671 square feet of retail space, including a facility-widephotography concession, a travel office and a retail store.

According to Joanie Saari, media relations manager for Mammoth, under theterms of the agreement, the ski area will receive a management fee and beresponsible for all the staffing. Gotcha will be responsible for thepurchase of the necessary equipment in consultation with Mammoth.

Gotcha Glacier, slated to open in early 2002, is 300 miles from Mammoth andwill provide the ski area a valuable outlet in the important SouthernCalifornia market.