Mount Gay Barbados Challenge 2000 Rolls On

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Boulder, CO Mar. 14--The Mount Gay Rum Barbados Challenge 2000 race train is still rolling with only two more stops scheduled. Heading for Aspen, CO and Loon, NH, this Giant Slalom race pits skiers and snowboarders around the country against one another for the fastest time. Post the winning time and you're off to the sunny skies and sandy beaches of Barbados, for FREE.

SKIING Magazine hosts a Mount Gay Rum Barbados Challenge 2000 bar party on the Friday night and Saturday Apres-Ski at each stop.

You don't have to be Tommy Moe to enter and win, just ski or snowboard faster than everyone else who enters.

Here's a look at the action in Vail, CO after eight-inches of new snow blessed the GS track making for great conditions.

For more information on the last two stops or to enter, call 888-802-3355 x689 or log on to