ORIS World of Ski Heroes: Alpine Initiatives

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Oris World of Ski Heros: Alpine Initiatives TH

Alpine Initiatives inspires the snowsports community and promotes engagement in sustainable initiatives at home and abroad. What started out as a trip to Kenya, turned into a mission to create happier, healthier and more sustainable futures for communities around the world. And since then, Alpine Initiatives has discovered an abundance of proactive members of the snowsports community with a similar goal to get involved in initiatives bigger than themselves, to move beyond the skiing and the travel. But they need an outlet to do so. Enter JP and Alpine Initiatives.

Proudest Moment

“We were eating a meal with the children at the Kithoka Amani Community Home (KACH) in Meru, Kenya and realized that the veggies we were eating were grown in gardens, cooked in a kitchen, and consumed in a dining hall – all that Alpine Initiatives helped to build. All of our efforts came full circle in that moment.”

What’s Next?Alpine Initiatives is in the process of selecting their next international project, rolling out year two of Grass Roots Grants, and is actively seeking out new corporate partnerships as well as an internship program with Colorado Mountain College.

“Overall, we’re working on being the snowsport community’s ‘guide to good’ and we’re having fun doing it.”

To learn more and get involved, visit: AlpineInitiatives.org

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