Portillo Drowning in Powder

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Portillo, Chile Sept. 10,--Kablammo! Portillo Ski Resort in South America has been getting big snow this week. A two-day blizzard dumped seven-and-a-half feet over Sept. 6-7.

Unfortunately, the storm somewhat paralyzed the ski area, so skiers have not been able to enjoy it yet.

"The storm shut down everything," said Juan Guillermo Breiding, of Ski Portillo. "The snow closed down the road, the hotel, and the ski area. It was quite a big storm."

When the lifts are fired up again, hopefully Saturday, skiers will be in for a big treat. The storm pushed Portillo's base up to 130 inches and bumped the year's overall snowfall total to 232 inches. Although late in the South American season, Portillo has 75 percent of their lifts open serving most of the area's skiable terrain.

More snow may open the rest of the ski area, which typically closes down in early October. Breiding added that another small flurry has moved over Portillo today, and weather forecasts call for more snow over the weekend.

Check back with SkiNet for updates on the Portillo powder surge.