Check Off Your Entire Bucket List at This Heli-Skiing Lodge in Chilean Patagonia

Heli-skiing, heli-fishing, whitewater rafting—it's all on the table at Eleven Experience's Rio Palena Lodge.


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5 CBD Blends That Battle Anxiety, Insomnia, Soreness, and More

I’ll admit that I was a CBD skeptic before I tried it. I fully expected to lump it into the pile of natural remedies that didn’t work for me, such as melatonin for sleep and echinacea for a cold. And at first, it seemed that CBD was going that way, as well. But after sampling several different types for a few weeks each, I can honestly say that these all did what they said they would do, at least to some degree, from soothing ski-weary muscles to increased clarity and attention span to the king of all promises—better, more restful sleep.

This month is Mental Health Awareness month, and there’s no time like the present to invest in your emotional and psychological well-being. God knows, it’s been a year like no other. These CBD options are a small price to pay for a better state of mind, on and off the slopes.

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To Kick Back With Instead of Alcohol Miraflora Sparkling CBD Beverage +Relax
Photo: Courtesy of Miraflora

Do your body good and reach for a slim can of +Relax after a workout instead of a beer or glass of wine. Infused with full-spectrum hemp extract, ashwagandha root known for its anti-anxiety properties, L-theanine for more restful sleep, and chamomile tea, this blend is designed to ease anxiety and boost immunity. It’s also surprisingly tasty. [$20 for 4 8.4-ounce cans]

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