Sunday River, Maine

Where the snowmaking and grooming are second to none.
By SKI Magazine ,

Resort Guide 2018: East #14

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“Sunday River never rests on its laurels, whether its lifts, snowmaking, grooming, or après. Not as kid-friendly as other mountains, but definitely good if you’re looking for a solid challenge.” - SKI Magazine Reader

“Happy place found.” Skiers appreciated Sunday River’s weather-be-damned commitment to snow last winter. “Other Eastern areas have more interesting terrain... but none rival Sunday River’s snowmaking and grooming.” Those who experienced it proclaimed the snow quality and grooming to be the “best in the East.” “Some lifts could use an upgrade, but I’ll take the snowmaking first and foremost, thank you.” Sunday River’s eight mountains deliver “good trails for most levels from the top of all peaks.” Thanks to the sprawling terrain, “you can always disappear and find a spot where it’s not too crowded,” but navigating between the peaks “requires a good plan and sticking to it” to avoid brutal traverses. Off the hill, Sunday River takes a hit on lodging which is “adequate but basic and unimaginative,” and an isolated location. Luckily, charming Bethel awaits just down the road. 

Family Activity

The Black Diamond series at the Grand Summit: magicians, jugglers, animal handlers, and more. Good family fun.

Don’t Miss

Morning doughnuts from The Sunday River Brewing Co., at the base of the access road, have a cult following. Maple bacon, anyone?

Dinner Reservation

The tapas and small-and large-plate choices at Bethel’s Mill Hill Inn make it easy to cobble together a family meal.

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