Vail hosts the World Pond Skimming Championships on April 18 during their Spring Back to Vail festival. With two season passes to the winner, the level of ludicrous outfits and ingenious new ways to cross the water is high. With 100 feet to skim, a kicker entrance, hundreds of beer-swilling spectators (and competitors) packed into days of free concerts and spring partying, this is one pond skim festival you don’t want to miss. The pond-skimming is limited to a field of 75, so register online if you want to do it.

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The ski season may be winding down, but that means that pond-skimming season is just beginning. We’ve got tips on how to become a pond-skimming pro and what ski resorts host the best ponds and spring festivals to display your newfound prowess. —Brigid Mander

Squaw Pond Skim Thumb

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Snowbird is celebrating Father’s Day with meat, beer, and, um, more beer. Their annual Father’s Day barbecue—formerly know as Grill on the Hill—is Sunday night, and the rest of the weekend is packed as well. Saturday is Snowbird’s 2nd annual Brewfest, featuring Utah’s (yes, Utah) best microbreweries. Best of all, you can take runs to balance out the pulled pork. Snowbird last day for skiing will be the 20th.Snowbird Father’s Day Barbecue June 19-21Snowbird, Utah

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