After getting settled, we head out to explore, skinning past the bear-frequented waste-management shed at the edge of town, past the hydroelectric dam on Copper Creek, and up to the mine entrance (it’s closed). The snow down low is wet and heavy, and visibility nonexistent, but as we head up into Copper Basin, a brief opening in the clouds gives us a tantalizing peek at the terrain I’d been imagining skiing for years.

Holden Village

Holden Village, a remote village in mountainous north-central Washington, could be home to the most spectacular backcountry skiing in the Lower 48.

Stoup and Garre

Ski the Arctic

Polar explorer Doug Stoup leaves today for seven weeks on skis in the great white north. Part of his itinerary includes guiding 15-year-old Parker Liautaud, the youngest person to attempt to ski to the North Pole.