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48 hours in CB thumb

48 hours in Crested Butte

Crested Butte is home to terrain that will make your knees weak and your palms sweaty. It’s also famous for delicious food and a friendly downtown. Here’s how to maximize two days in one of our favorite spots to ski.

Powder-monium at Jackson Hole Still

Storm Alert: Jackson Hole Powder-Monium

There is a big storm rolling into Jackson Hole right now (January, 18th 2012) and it is expected to hit in just 2 days here is some footage to prove it. Courtesy of our friends at Jackson Hole Ski Resort. Check back for updates as this storm unfolds, with more video and photos of the pow.


24 Heavenly Hours

Spanning the statelines of California and Nevada, South Lake Tahoe packs in an impressive amount of skiing, dining, nightlife, and more. Where else can you find a classic ski town next to booming casinos? Here's what a full day of Heavenly looks like.

The world of ski movies was once a realm occupied by a select few; dedicated companies that had the equipment, the connections, and the budget to make a film. But today, a few minutes on the internet will yield an astonishing overload of ski movie trailers, releases, webisodes, and edits thanks to technology, low price barriers, and free distribution. But is this flood of content good for ski movies? Industry insiders such as Biglines.com Tim Grey who sees just about all types of edits and trailers cross his screen, don’t think it is a bad thing. “Those destined to succeed, still will,” Grey says.  “While it is technically easier to bust on the ski movie scene…as with athletics and just about anything else, the cream always rises to the top,” TGR’s Steve Jones sees the new age as a distinctly positive evolution. “It is great for the business and for the creative evolution. It keeps everyone forward thinking and on their toes. You can't get complacent or you will become irrelevant,” Jones said. “The crews that have broken through to become top tier movie houses have not made it by accident. I don't really think pushing the limits on filmmaking is any easier than it used to be. In the end, it's a brutal slog to churn out something amazing,” notes Gray. That said, there is a thriving middle ground of movies between the big names and the countless online edits. We spoke to a few smaller production companies in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, one of the hotbeds of ski movie production, to find out what make them tick, whether new, cheap and easy technology can really help a company make it, and where they see themselves in the larger, evolving scheme of the industry.

Jackson is for Filmmakers

Jackson Hole is a hot bed of ski moviemaking, from the biggest operations in the business to online edits from one guy and his GoPro. Here's how they all make it work, and why they all stay in Jackson.