82 Years of Pinning, and Counting

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82 Years of Pinning, and Counting

"Pretend you are bending down to pick up a needle in a tight skirt." This Old World chauvinism in basic telemark instruction would be offensive coming from anyone but Kà¥re (pronounced "Corey") Andersen. Kà¥re predates chauvinism. The 86-year-old barrel-chested Norwegian telemarking mentor has been bending the knee since 1920. Among freeheelers, he's known simply as Kà¥re (check the credits of the tele movie Unparalleled). His pure enthusiasm-his joie de vivre-for his country's sport is enough to convert the most diehard alpine skier to the freeheeled lifestyle. If that doesn't work, the aquavit will. "He's always got a bottle in his backpack," says U.S. Telemark Ski Association president Jimmy Ludlow.

Kà¥re Andersen
BORN: October 1, 1916; Kolbotn, Norway.
ADOPTED MOUNTAIN: Bromley, Vermont.
FORMER OCCUPATION: Suit designer for Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie and Presidents Kennedy and Ford.
CURRENT OCCUPATION: PSIA-certified telemark instructor.
WHERE TO CATCH HIM: Check out Kà¥re's 18th Annual Telemark Race, in Bromley, February 24, 2003.


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