Ambush in the Andes: South American Photo Challenge Dispatches

Missed a Day? Check out Skiing Magazine's take on the competition in Portillo.

The 2008 South American Photo Challenge, held at Chile’s Ski Portillo, is an invite-only, five-day event to determine who can shoot the best photography in five categories: air, powder, big mountain line, ski culture, and creative angle. The photo/athlete teams are Grant Gunderson shooting Pep Fujas, Adam Clark shooting Eric Roner, Steve Lloyd shooting Jason West, Jordan Manley shooting Chad Sayers, and Gene Dwarkin shooting Josh Van Jura. The winning shots will be published in the February issue of

Skiing magazine


Editors Jake Bogoch and Mark Lesh attended the photo challenge and reported back to SkiNet their discoveries. Click on one of the days below and see how much Herman Maier can eat, the difficulties of shooting in a snowstorm, and how good of skiers the Chilean Army has.

Day 1: The Super C Couloir

Day 2: Eric Roner and Adam Clark

Day 3: An army, a train, and the Hermannator

Day 4: Mystery Booze and the Chilean Army

Day 5: Farming the storm