An Interview with the Buzz Kid: Justin Dorey

He has the ski industry a buzz and placed second in the Dew Tour Superpipe prelims in Breck. His Skull Candy team manager, Jimbo Morgan, says he is “underrated and understated.” Here’s what he says…
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A lot of your peers are saying you are the skier to watch this season. What do you say?

Justin Dorey:

I am flattered. In 2006, I entered the open qualifiers for the WSI halfpipe competition and ended up winning the whole thing. It was a total fluke. My home mountain, Silver Star (in Vernon, BC) doesn’t have a pipe.


What happened after that?


Everyone wanted me to ski pipe and I didn’t really enjoy it until something clicked and I realized how much potential pipe skiing had. There are eight different ways to approach each trick, which makes so many combinations of runs. Pipe skiing is a lot more creative than slopestyle.


What are your goals for this season?


I am more excited than ever, more confident than ever. I had surgery for a torn meniscus this summer, but it went well and will not affect my performance this year. My goal for this season is to have consistent top 3 finishes in every competition.


What do you think about the DEW Tour’s entry into winter sports?


I’m stoked. It is exactly what we need. Three more events in addition to the X Games gives skiing much needed mainstream exposure.


What do you think about the format?


I think the point system is good because you can’t win the overall if you win one then lose one. You have to be good consistently.


Of the new crop of skiers, who are the ones to watch this year?


There is a whole new crop of kids every year. Even here at the (Breck) DEW Tour, there are kids that I have never seen or heard of before that are good enough to win the whole thing. I think the amount of talent makes it really exciting. I think its good motivation and keeps the sport fresh.


Besides comps, what are your big plans for this winter?


I am shooting with Level 1 this winter, but competitions are my main focus.


Is there anything you are really into at the moment?


Ping Pong is my favorite sport outside of skiing.



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