Anatomy: Solitude's Honeycomb Canyon, Utah

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Powder skiers crowd Alta and Snowbird. Jibbers flock to Park City. But the smartest skiers go to solitude for Honeycomb Canyon's 2,000 feet of overlooked vertical.

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A sick day on a sick day? Probably. Skier: Jamey Parks.


Even on the biggest dump days the place is peaceful: Lift lines barely push four minutes, and locals take leisurely dips into untracked shots all day.

15. The Canyons, UT

The Canyons

With 3,700 acres spread across eight distinct peaks, The Canyons is Utah’s largest individual resort. (Only Snowbird/Alta is bigger.)

Zone 5 Snowbird Anatomy

Anatomy: Snowbird Zone Five

When the good people at Snowbird make a “resort improvement,” they don’t just glade an intermediate run or groom a black-diamond pitch. They open 500-acre Mineral Basin. They blast a ski tunnel through 600 feet of rock. And now they’ve opened up Zone 5, a new hairball section of 40-degree terrain off Mount Baldy.