And Your Mother Said Drinking Beer Would Never Get You Anywhere

Pyramid Brewery’s sweepstakes could get you five days of resort and cat skiing at Squaw Valley.
Snow Cap Beer

California has some snarky laws on what promotional material breweries can and can’t give away, so instead of offering free beer, Seattle-based Pyramid Breweries is giving away the next best thing: free skiing. Between now and the 15th of January, you can sign up to win a five-day trip for you and three friends to Squaw Valley, California.

The grand prize includes airfare, lodging, cat skiing, lift tickets, a custom Pyramid K2 snowboard, and Mountain Hardware outerwear. Second place wins a custom Pyramid K2 board and third place gets Mountain Hardware clothing.

Here’s how to sign up:

Step one: Open a beer. This can be any old brew of your choosing, but karma would suggest that you drink a Pyramid beer, like the full-bodied Snow Cap Winter Warmer Ale.

Step two: Go to this link and sign up for Pyramid Breweries winter giveaway sweepstakes.

Step three: Wait to win.

But I’m a skier! Why do I want a snowboard? Here are five things a skier can do with a free snowboard:

1.Glue shot glasses to it.

2.Turn it into a coffee table.

3.Attach an old office chair to the top. Now, on snowy nights, sit back and relax while your dog takes you for a walk.

4.Pass along the good luck: Give it to a kid who can’t afford his or her own gear.

5.Learn to snowboard. Yeah, I’m joking. I just can’t think of a fifth thing to do with a snowboard.


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