Aspen Knows How to Party

Party Scene
X Games 2004

ASPEN, Colo.—The only buzz louder than the revving snowmobile engines at this year's X Games was that of the some 8,000 party-hungry spectators unleashed on the streets of Glitter Gulch.

"Aspen's great because it goes through these spurts: Christmas and New Year's were crazy, and now there's this, said one local, pointing out on the mob scene outside of Wagner Park during Saturday night's "Apres X concert featuring Damien Marley, the eldest of reggae legend Bob Marley's sons.

Damien Marley was an interesting choice for the event, partially sponsored by both the Navy and Partnership for a Drug Free America. Despite the anti-marijuana ads that ran on the jumbotron screen during the competitions, there was more than one swirly-colored glass pipe passing through the crowd.

The town also posted a record-number of arrests, according to Aspen Police, who notched 29 arrests over the weekend.

But the 21+ crowd didn't let the masses of pubescent kids hanging out in front of McDonald's ruin their time. They queued up outside of bars once the concert let out, paying $10 covers to hear DJs spin bump-and-grind jams, or they flocked to one of the numerous afterparties hosted by gear companies, media outlets, and pro athletes. Smith Optics held a house party complete with a couch made from cases of beer.

And the good times didn't stop on Sunday. At the base of Ajax's gondola, non-X jibbers competed under the lights in the A.W.O.L. wall-ride event. Skiers and boarders boosted up a ramp and then onto a plexiglass wall. Meanwhile, on top of the wall, The Vandals—an upbeat punk rock band—jammed.

And after that, it was back to the bars.

Check out the video below for an inside look at the X Games party scene.


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