Aspen's Secret Shrines, In Pictures

Marilyn Monroe, Jimi Hendrix, and Jerry Garcia are just a few personalities honored by shrines in the woods of Aspen. Check out a few photos of the infamous memorials.
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Aspen Shrine

Architecture, world-class restaurants, Kevin Costner—yes, Aspen is truly filled with an embarrassment of cultural riches. That culture is also manifest in the skiing. At Aspen Mountain, traverse into a forest and there’s a good chance you’ll ski up to one of the dozens of shrines paying homage to everything from Marilyn Monroe and Jimi Hendrix to 9/11. Most are collections of photos and memorabilia nailed onto conifers. And many appeal to baby-boomer sensibilities, such as the ones devoted to Jerry Garcia and the sport of golf. They are pervasive enough to spawn David Wood’s new self-published book, Sanctuaries in the Snow, a short guide to Aspen’s monuments. If you ski Aspen, it’s a must-own for the onyx coffee table in your mansion. [$20;]


Secret Society Clubhouse

Skiing's Secret Society

Every ski hill seems to have a secret society, a band of skiers who live for nothing but powder turns, top ramen, and cheap beer. We recently were able to infiltrate such a tribe and sneak some photos of their clubhouse.

Emily Brydon, post-race.

For God and Country

Canadian skiers have blown it at these games. No matter the cause of this failure, no one is pointing fingers at the ladies’ coach. He’s all but failure-proof. Why?