Back Talk – December 1999

First Tracks

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Thank you for calling me “The most spectacular male freeskier” “Best of 2000,” September 1999. That’s quite an honor. I don’t know if I agree with you, but thanks anyway. I really appreciate it. So do my sponsors. In fact, I’ll probably make more money because of that title, which will totally kick ass! However, I will probably catch a lot of hell from my friends for it as well. There are plenty of freeskiers who are just as spectacular as myself, if not more so.Then again, maybe that title will help me with my self-esteem problem. Maybe I really am the biggest freakin’ stud on the planet! I didn’t want to believe that before, but now that I’m the most spectacular, I might as well start telling everyone just in case they didn’t read the September issue. I mean, what’s the point of being the most spectacular if nobody even knows that you are? What about giving me a two-page spread in the next issue? How about a cover? I’m the most spectacular, dammit! I deserve some play. A quarter-page little blurb in the first issue is okay and everything, but come on! I’m the most spectacular; treat me as such. I expect a swift reply, peasants.

Shane “McCocky” McConkey

Olympic Valley, California

Shane, you’ve got to lay off the Red Bull.-Ed.

Your magazine wrapper says it’s time to renew. My family says it’s time to say goodbye! The sport of skiing doesn’t need the sleazy stuff you have been putting in your magazine. Skiing (the sport) is great. Skiing (the magazine) is the pits. We need a new ski magazine in our house.
Mike Rodrique and family
Bozeman, Montana

What’s the problem with adult content in Skiing Magazine? Absolutely nothing. I subscribe to Skiing instead of other magazines in part because of it. The simple fact that a large percentage of the ads are for alcohol companies should point to the fact that it’s not exactly a nice, warm family magazine anyway. That’s why I get Skiing, and my father gets SKI. They’re intended for different audiences. Honestly, grow up! We live in a mature society. There’s no reason to remain stuffy and hold back for the sake of being proper. If you don’t like what you read, don’t read it. Just don’t take up valuable space for powder pics with your whining!
Andrew Gast
Watkinsville, Georgia

In your September 1999 issue, there is a letter from Robert Youker regarding your failure to nominate Perry Merrill to “The 25 Most Influential People,” January 1999. I am the eldest great-granddaughter of the late Perry H. Merrill. He died a few years ago at the ripe old age of 99. His ashes were scattered at the top of the mountain at Stowe. It’s nice to see that this incredible man who fed me blackberries out of his garden in Montpelier when I was five is still remembered for his contributions to skiing.
Karen E. Hunt
Austin, Texas a