Baker's Crazy Snow


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Last winter, more snow fell on Mt. Baker, Washington, than has ever fallen in a single season on one place, anywhere: 1,141 inches, or 95 feet. That’s a lot of snow-so much that:

unsettled, it would have buried the Statue of Liberty up to her chin

backhoes knocked cornices off snowbanks along the Mt. Baker Highway to keep tunnels from forming

only 2 days in February didn’t see snowfall

the 300-inch pole used to measure settled snowpack needed a 6-foot extension

1 out of 3 days received at least 10 inches of fresh snow

2 snowboarders and a skier died in avalanches in the adjacent Mt. Baker Wilderness

the ski area wore out 3 snowcats digging out chairlifts and moving snow

a December warm front brought flooding that nearly wrecked a chairlift engine.