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For Those Whom "Die Hard" is Credo

Paul Schipper
In 1981, when some buddies challenged the recently retired airline pilot to ski Sugarloaf every day it was open, they thought Paul Schipper understood that they meant just during that season. Guess not. Now 80 years old, Schipper started a streak that, despite bypass surgery and an attack of cancer, has hit 3,697 consecutive days-and counting. Ayuh, how many days you got in, Mistah?

Miura Keizo
A mere one out of every 100,000 men on earth are able to draw breath at age 99. So we'll forgive Miura Keizo for taking a hit of oxygen before skiing down Chamonix's Vallée Blanche -14 miles and 6,600 vertical feet. Accompanying Miura was his 70-year-old son Yuichiro Miura, the first man to ski from high on Mount Everest (who, incidentally, recently tagged the summit, with his son).



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