Best of: Stumping on the Mountain

Best of the Year

Bush golfs, Cheney shoots little birds, and presidential hopeful John Kerry—well, he snowboards. While campaigning in March, the Massachusetts senator made some turns at Sun Valley, Idaho, and then hit the backcountry. But is he a poseur looking for votes or a bona fide rider? "The conditions were shit and Kerry did just fine, says Tim Cron, a Sun Valley local who guided the Democratic candidate. "He was way better than the Secret Service guys guarding him. Linking a few turns, however, doesn't guarantee electoral success. In fact, weaseling his way out of the draft to be an Aspen ski bum might have hurt Howard Dean in the Democratic primaries. Of course, some contend that Dean was destined to fail from the get-go. "He was a loser, says Trudy Erhard, who employed Dean as a dishwasher during the '71—'72 season. "He was just like the other hippies back then—totally lost, doing drugs and, you know, sort of freaked-out. Ouch.