Best Powder 2009: Alta/Snowbird

Alta and Snowbird usually receive between 400 and 500 inches of snow, depending on the season and where it’s measured. In 2008, Alta got 702 inches. That's nuts.
Best Powder: Alta/Snowbird

The license plate. Always with the goddamn license plate. Utah’s plates brag that it has the “Greatest Snow on Earth,” a message brought to us by the prisoners making those things. We get it, Utah. But how about the sticker? Ski Utah printed one up that reads, “It just pukes in Utah.” On it is an illustration of a guy on his hands and knees, barfing into a cloud. But instead of vomit, the cloud expectorates snow, which violates physics and good taste. The sticker’s stuck on a door in our office and we love it because it’s as funny as it’s apt. Alta and Snowbird usually receive between 400 and 500 inches of snow, depending on the season and where it’s measured. A snow reading in a wind-protected meadow at 10,000 feet looks a lot different from one in the parking lot. But last year Alta got 702 inches. That’s nuts.

Three Things You Need to Know:
>> The Snowbird tram is great. But if it’s crowded, you don’t need it. Gadzoom and Peruvian Express have stashes galore.
>> The Forklift, at Snowbird, serves the best breakfast in the world. It’s called oatmeal brûlée, and it involves a blowtorch.
>> When it’s deep, get to the chutes off Alta’s Supreme lift. Good God.


2. Wolf Creek, CO
3. Solitude, UT
4. Powder Mountain, UT
5. Steamboat, CO
6. Brighton, UT
7. Snowmass, CO
8. Mt. Baker, WA
9. Jackson Hole, WY
10. Crested Butte, CO



Punked: Alta vs. Snowbird

The pranks have involved explosives, goats, mannequins, doughnuts, and nudity. Each year on April Fools' Day, the Snowbird and Alta patrollers punk each other, sometimes spawning real panic and organized rescue. Is this the year they get busted?

Snowbird Will be Open Until July 4th

Inside Line: Snowbird, UT

Tucked in Utah’s Little Cottonwood Canyon on the road to Alta, Snowbird is known for hanging bowls, 50-foot cliffs, and over-the-head powder. Pros like Jenn Berg, Jeremy Nobis, and Sage Cattabriga-Alosa schralp the high-alpine cirques along with equally talented nobodies—humble locals on K2 Pontoons. With more than 3,200 vertical feet of steeps, tree-lined chutes, and roughly 500 inches of snow a year, this isn’t a place you want to drive by.

The last ski resort open in Utah is Snowbird. And lucky for them, Mother Nature graced them with yet another late-season storm. (A storm earlier this month brought four and a half feet of powder to Snowbird). This one brought 19 inches in the past 30 hours, and another foot is predicted before the week is over.

Snowbird, Utah Gets 34 Inches in 48 Hours

Snowbird is the last open resort in Utah. And they're still getting dumped on. Here are the stats: 17 inches in the last 24 hours, 34 inches in the past 48 hours, bringing the season total up to 543 inches.