Big Air at a Power Plant

A bunch of freeskiers spent Halloween weekend hitting a giant kicker at a London power plant. What’d you do this weekend?


Here’s an interesting idea: Make 500 tons of snow and build a 55-foot table-top kicker at a power station in a major European city, then invite some of the world’s best skiers to hit it.

It all happened this weekend in London at Freeze 2009—a ski, snowboard, and music festival at the Battersea Power Plant. It’s the festival’s second year and it featured Simon Dumont, TJ Schiller, Colby West, and a slew of other competitors.

The three-day festival kicked off Friday with the Battle of Britain event, where the countries top 16 skiers and snowboarders competed against each other. The ski big air competition took place Sunday. There were also grind and best-trick competitions.

Hosting a big-air competition isn’t the only thing on the now defunct power station’s list of accomplishments. Battersea—the largest brick building in Europe—made an appearance in the 1965 Beatles movie Help! and was featured on the cover of a Pink Floyd album. Check out for more photos and information on the festival.