Big Screen Blower


Movie/Maker: Impact/Warren Miller Entertainment In a Nutshell: Big budget, remote locations, and an all-star cast.Locales: Colorado; Alaska; Chamonix, France; Bulgaria's Bansko region; Montana; Davos, Switzerland. Epic Scene: "Warren's Angels," a.k.a. Jenn Berg, Ingrid Backstrom, and Charlotte Moats, heliskiing Alaska's Chugach range-and easily upstaging past and present all-girl trios. Knocks: Showing the NASTAR finals in Park City, Utah, is funny, but not what we're paying to see.

Movie/Maker: Soul Purpose/Teton Gravity ResearchIn a Nutshell: Jackson's powder-and-whitewater auteurs drag famous athletes around the globe.Locales: Tulsequah and Mica Creek, B.C.; Corvara, Italy; Mount Elbrus, Russia; Jackson Hole.Epic Scene: Too many to name. Plus, music by Ronnie James Dio, and two hours of extra footage.Knocks: Leave the snowmobile hucks to slednecks.

Movie/Maker: Yearbook /Matchstick ProductionsIn a Nutshell: The storyline revolves around a school, showing that Crested Butte's MSP has evolved from class clowns to matureprofessors (well, sort of).Locales: Colorado; Courchevel and Chamonix, France; Bella Coola, B.C.; Roldal, Norway.Epic Scene: Shane McConkey hucks 2,000-foot cliff faces on Switzerland's Eiger, throwing his parachute for a safe landing.Knocks: The school narrative is funny-at times.


Dropping In 1103

Huck Off

In an era of one-upping each other, when do pro skiers call it quits?

Shane McConkey

The Truth: Shane McConkey

Shane McConkeymastered everything from racing to skiercross to moguls, and he brought it all together to create his own brand of big mountain skiing. Here are his thoughts on ski-BASEing, newschoolers, and bro-brahing.