Big Sky Bucket List

10 things you must do in Big Sky, Montana.
Big Sky view

1. Big Couloir. It's steep, sustained and just scary enough to be awesome. Sign out at the patrol shack at the top of the tram, and bring your avy gear and a partner.
2. Tram. Even if you don't ski the Couloir, ride the tram and ogle it. From the top, you can see all the way to the Tetons.
3. Grab a beer and a gourmet hot dog at Yeti Dogs and relax in the sun at a picnic table in the plaza. Bonus: The firepits are real.
4. Dinner at Bucks T4. It's a shuttle bus away from the base, but the rustic elegance and cozy log-cabin feel are classic Montana. Order the sampler appetizer and red deer. Yum.
5. North Summit Snowfields (pictured). Off the top of the tram, these snowfields drop into Moonlight Basin. Even if the skiing weren't some of the best in North America (which it is), the views alone are worth it.
6. Apres at the perfectly appointed Moonlight Lodge, at the base of Moonlight Basin. Kelly the bartender recommends a light wheat beer with a Belgian Framboise Lambic floater.
7. Take a cruiser run near the Yellowstone Club. Hope for a Justin Timberlake sighting.
8. Arctic char salad at the Caribiner. In the lobby of the Summit Hotel, this cozy lunch spot serves a killer fish.
9. A–Z Chutes. They're steep, exposed and, consequently, often closed. Watch closely for openings and hit it.
10. Nachos and local Cold Smoke beer at Whiskey Jacques. The bar's old and from somewhere cool, though no one's sure where.


Big Sky 2011

Big Sky

It’s not just the sky that’s big; it’s the mountain. There’s the rapidly expanding, hyper-modern village. There’s 11,166-foot Lone Mountain, soaring more than 4,000 feet above the base. There are 50-degree chutes, exposed faces, and miles of low-tuck, high-speed cruisers.

Montana: Come for the militias, stay for the powder. Erik Lovold, gunning through Big Sky.

Private Powder at Big Sky

Starting this winter, Big Sky, Montana, is offering a chance for guided early tram rides at 8 a.m., a whole hour before the masses. We spoke with director of snowsports, Troy Nedved, to see if the program also includes shooting the Howitzer (it doesn't).

Size Matters thumb

Size Matters

Big Sky, Montana, is out to prove that, like girlfriends, other resorts are lying if they tell you otherwise.