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Big Snow in Whistler (video)

Waiting for snow? Whistler's got it.
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Dendrite at Whistler

It's been a dry couple of days in a lot of places. Colorado, California, and Wyoming have been sunny and snow free. But, up in America's hat, it's been dumping. Whistler Blackcomb has seen nearly three feet of snow in the past 72 hours. The crew at Dendrite Studios thought that was worth filming. Here's what they skied.


We spoke with Jeremy Roche, marketing director for the Whistler Bike Park and general manager of Crankworx, a freeride mountain bike series, about Whistler Bike Park, which opens May 15.Can you describe the size and scale of the Whistler Bike Park? Jeremy Roche; The Whistler Mountain Bike Park is the worldwide leader in lift-accessed mountain biking—it’s pioneered current bike park innovations. We have two dedicated lifts, one supplementary lift, more than 50 trails, and 5,000 feet of vertical. The Whistler Bike Park is also home to the world-famous A-Line trail and Kokanee Crankworx Freeride Mountain Bike Festival.

Whistler Mountain Bike Park: Opens May 15

Whistler Mountain Bike Park—the biggest freeride bike park in North America—is opening for the summer season on May 15. We spoke to Whistler Bike Park's Jeremy Roche about tips on downhill biking, body armor, and the best time to plan a trip.