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The Black Star Beer Barter

What would you trade for a year's worth of beer?
Black Star Beer Barter

Beer is life juice. Don’t believe me? Back in the day, some monks would survive only on dark beer and water while they fasted for Lent, hence the euphemism “liquid bread.” That’s not to say you should go to such extreme measure to enjoy a good brew. The monk story is simply meant to illustrate the point that beer can be source of both sustenance and good times, an important note when considering that the typical ski-bum budget requires some prioritizing.

That being said, I’d like to commend the folks at Great Northern Brewing Company for their annual Black Star Beer Barter at the Whitefish Winter Carnival in Whitefish, Montana. The event forever solves the beer/food budget conundrum of the average dirtbag. Participants in the beer barter have the chance to trade away a skill or item in return for a year’s worth of Great Northern Beer. The person offering the best trade walks away with 52 cases of suds. In my book, that’s a significant boost to one’s standard of living when working a minimum-wage job for a season pass and the ability to ski 80 days a season.

Last year, pro skiers Lynsey Dyer and Andy Mahre dropped in to judge, and two winners were crowned, a fire twirler and a guy offering two Volkswagen busses This competition gets interesting. What would you trade for a year’s worth of beer? 

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2013 Black Star Beer Barter:

When: Saturday, February 2, 2013
Whitefish, Montana, home of Whitefish Mountain Resort (the artist formerly known as Big Mountain)

More info here: Great Northern Brewing Company

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