Bode Miller Sidelined

Miller characteristically tries to ski through the pain—and uncharacteristically looks forward to racing next year.
Miller said he knew he was taking a risk by skiing really aggressively right out of the gates.

Miller said he knew he was taking a risk by skiing really aggressively right out of the gates.

February 28, 2012 - Bode Miller has never been one to complain about his injuries—right knee, ankle, now left knee, etcetera. So when the U.S. Ski Team announced yesterday that he would miss the remainder of the season due to another impending surgery, we had to wonder: How serious have his injuries been, and how good would he be without them?

Miller’s left knee began to bother him during a race earlier this month at Sochi, Russia, site of the 2014 Olympics, and underwent the first of what will be two arthroscopic surgeries (a date for the second surgery has not been announced). Miller characteristically tried to ski through the pain, but now that he is officially sidelined, he seems uncharacteristically positive and upbeat about ski racing and his future. “I love ski racing and I love being active so I hope for a solid recovery and to get back to training as soon as possible,” Miller said.

Miller is so optimistic, in fact, he sounds like he’s already looking forward to Sochi. “The mountain is world class,” he said, “it's as nice as any of the places we ever go and I think it's going to be amazing to host for the Olympics.

This ain't the burned-out guy whom we’re always speculating will quit every season. Could be that, as Miller matures, he’s realizing that ski racing is important to him.


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