Bode Miller Wins Bronze in Downhill

America's rebel ski racer Bode Miller surprises everyone by taking bronze in today's men's downhill in Whistler.


At his fourth Winter Olympic Games, Bode Miller wasn’t expected to medal in today’s men’s downhill, held on Whistler’s Dave Murray Downhill course. “It’s what I’ve always done, I’m hoping I can keep doing it,” he told Reuters. “It’s great. Today was amazing and I’ve had a lot of fun.” Switzerland’s Didier Defago won the gold medal and Norway’s Aksel Lund Svindal earned silver.

After hinting at a retirement earlier this year, Bode decided to return to racing. “One of the things that was important to me when I decided to continue this year was to race in the right fashion,” Miller told Reuters. “To race with some inspiration and allow myself to be inspired and to try to inspire the other guys and everyone else.