Bode, the Book

Fall Line

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For years, Bode Miller has beefed that reporters don’t accurately represent what he’s saying. To set things right, the racer recently collaborated with Jack McEnany to author Bode: Go Fast, Be Good, Have Fun. Once we got past the complaining prologue, we found it one of the most perceptive observations of modern ski racing that we’ve read. Bode, being Bode, notes that he, ah, didn’t actually write any of it. That’s OK, because McEnany has produced an honest, first-person account of Bode’s life, from his home-schooled upbringing in New Hampshire to his pressure-cooked experiences on the World Cup. For any teenager aspiring to a racing career—and for their parents and coaches—the chapters on going fast and faster are required reading. You’ll discover why a talented athlete, who could have excelled in almost any sport, chose ski racing. You’ll also learn how much a racer has to rely on instinct, and where coaching can go wrong. We’re grateful to McEnany for eliciting it from Miller, revealing a smart mind at work, and not the loose cannon that often shows up in TV interviews. —John Fry