Booze Cruisers Lower DUIs at Killington


In Killington an “alcohol problem” means the beer is gone. Faced with this mentality, the Safe Streets Task Force was formed to curb drinking and driving at the resort last season. Created by the Vermont State Police, Farrell Distributing, the Department of Liquor Control, Anheuser Busch, the resort, and local businesses, the Force offered incentives to control boozing and weaving. Some bars rewarded designated drivers with prizes and raffles. Taxi Credits allowed tipplers to pay for a cab ride home then get a free ride back to their car the next morning. Increased marketing encouraged use of The Bus, which offers $1 rides up and down the Access Road. The Pickle Barrel Nightclub inaugurated a free shuttle dubbed the Barrel Rider, a 2001 Dodge Caravan that provided rides to and from the club. And the Force worked: DUIs at Killington dropped nearly 25 percent from the previous year.