Booze of the Month: TINCUP American Whiskey

Colorado single malt and Rocky Mountain spring water combine with high-rye bourbon to make a mountain-worthy whiskey.

Combinations are important in the world of skiing. The correct combination of wood, fiberglass, polyurethane materials, epoxy and metal can make some great skis. Combining a great line of descent with control, fluidity, technique, and style makes for a great Freeride World Tour score. And combining the most points in slalom, giant slalom, super-G and overall makes for the greatest ski racing season of all time.

Naturally, the idea of a spirit that combines high-rye bourbon and single malt whiskey sounded pretty good, too. Which is why SKI has recently been drinking quite a bit of TINCUP American Whiskey

A whiskey that goes well with mountains.Photo courtesy of Tincup

Named after a mining ghost town outside of Gunnison, Colo., TINCUP takes high-rye bourbon distilled in Indiana and blends it with Colorado single malt. The whiskey is aged for a minimum of four years in American white oak, and Rocky Mountain spring water is added to cut the whiskey to proof before being bottled in Colorado. The process makes for a delicious, unique flavor that works well both on ice and in any classic whiskey cocktail.

The brand was founded by Jess Graber, who also played a part in the creation of the higher-priced Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey. TINCUP is both more approachable in terms of flavor and price compared to its lavish cousin. The spicier notes from the high-rye bourbon compliment the smooth caramel flavor notes of the malt, and the $30 price tag means you have a solid whiskey option for tailgate après without an empty wallet.

Cheers.Photo courtesy of Tincup

TINCUP wants you to drink their whiskey outside, which is why every bottle is shaped like a hexagon to prevent roll-aways and includes a tin cup cap that they expect you to use. Their website includes flavor enhancing tips like adding pine needles. “Got a knife and birch tree?” the website adds, “Scrape off some bark for a natural birch flavoring.” 

We haven’t tried this yet, but both additives sound delicious and woodsy. Just be conscious of open-container laws wherever you plan on imbibing.

Beside the easy drinking nature of the whiskey, SKI is a fan of TINCUP because TINCUP is a fan of skiing. The brand was a sponsor of the 2018 Beaver Creek Birds of Prey FIS Alpine World Cup ski racing event. Each podium finisher was awarded a bottle, including all three skiers who tied for third in the super-G. As there are a number of FIS Alpine World Cup stops throughout Europe with unique awards specific to the region, it was satisfyingly patriotic to see skiers like Aksal Lund Svindal and Max Franz stoked to get something with Rocky Mountain roots. We hope it becomes a tradition.

Learn more and purchase TINCUP American Whiskey on the brand’s website.