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Booze of the Month: Wyoming Whiskey

A Wyoming family that skis together, makes bourbon together, too.
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Wyoming Whiskey with a dog

A Lyft in Wyoming.

Bourbon is an All-American treasure enjoyed by skiers all over the world. But why buy bourbon distilled in Kentucky or Indiana when you can get bourbon made by skiers in Wyoming? The Mead family is exactly that: Generations of skiers who happen to make some of the best bourbon in the world.

Sam Mead sniffs whiskey

Distiller Sam Mead doing some quality assurance.

Kate and Brad Mead were collegiate ski racers in the northeast before founding Wyoming Whiskey with David DeFazio. Their son Sam won the USASA Halfpipe and Slopestyle Nationals competition before becoming the label's head distiller. Their other son Tucker was one of the original athletes for KGB Productions, and had more than a few killer shots in WYoming Triumph, released in 2012. 

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The family still skis often, but they really have this whiskey thing dialed. Take their Small Batch Bourbon, for example: This 88-proof bourbon has notes of vanilla and caramel with just a kiss of honey, but has an unmistakeable dry finish that leaves the palate craving more. No wonder WhiskyCast called their first batch "Outstanding!" 

Wyoming Whiskey's latest offering is hard to find outside of Wyoming, and a little hard to find there now, too. On June 22, 2018, the company released one thousand cases of Steamboat Special Edition Straight Bourbon Whiskey to be distributed exclusively in the Cowboy State. 

Wyoming Whiskey Steamboat Special Edition

Wyoming Whiskey Steamboat Special Edition

For bourbon-loving skiers planning a visit to Jackson Hole this winter, a bottle of Steamboat makes a perfect souvenir. Named after the "unrideable" horse Steamboat, the bottles come in special edition canisters portraying the horse being ridden by Clayton Danks at the 1909 Cheyenne Frontier Days. If this image looks familiar, that's because it inspired the horse and rider on Wyoming's state license plate as well as on Jackson Hole's tram. Steamboat Special Edition Straight Bourbon Whiskey is only available in select Wyoming liquor stores, and retails at $45 a bottle.

For skiers who can't make it to a liquor store in Wyoming this season for Steamboat, you can soon find Wyoming Whiskey's other labels in all 50 states thanks to the brand's new partnership with international spirits conglomerate Edrington. We recommend the Small Batch Bourbon and, if you like a little spice, their rye-heavy Outryder Whiskey, too. 

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In honor of the Booze of the Month award, has decided to share a unique cocktail recipe that we think really embodies the Wyoming spirit.


  • One pour of Wyoming Whiskey Small Batch Bourbon
  • Ice to taste.


  • Pour the whiskey in a glass
  • Add ice to taste
  • Sip and enjoy.


Update: The original article stated that Wyoming Whiskey is available in 35 states. On September 6, 2018, the brand partnered with Edrington and will soon be available in all 50 states.



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