Brazil in a Bottle?


Move over, Red Bull. Get out of the way, latté. A tiny purple berry from the rainforests of Brazil could soon replace you both. Açai (pronounced ah-sigh-ee) contains up to 30 times more anthocyanins, the purple-colored antioxidant, than red wine; a blend of amino acids and healthy omega fatty acids to boost immunity; and almost as much calcium as milk. Though it’s usually blended into smoothies, hundreds of pounds of açai were served up hot, with soy milk, at the X Games this February. Sambazon, which has been importing açai for two years, even adds a touch of coffee-buzz-without-the-jitters guarana that’s become a key ingredient in energy drinks. All in all, this just might be the healthiest fruit out there. And did we mention it tastes like chocolate-covered strawberries? (; also available in Wild Oats and Whole Foods)