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Bruce Willis’s Soldier Mountain Lodge Burns

The main lodge at Idaho’s Soldier Mountain burns to the ground, prompting the most celebrity ski coverage since Sundance
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If a small ski lodge burns to the ground in Idaho, does anyone in the blogosphere care? Only if that ski lodge is owned by celebrity Bruce Willis. The

Associated Press

reports that the lodge at Soldier Mountain, located in Fairfield, Idaho, caught fire and burned to the ground at 7:30 a.m. this morning. No one was hurt in the blaze.

The 1,150 acre resort has been gaining national recognition, mostly on account of its

Die Hard

part-owner Willis, who owns a home in nearby Hailey. Willis and his investors have been pushing the National Forest Service to expand the 50-year-old resort’s permit area for years. As of yet, new projects have yet to get underway.

Firefighters told Idaho’s

KVTB news channel

that flames reached heights of 50 feet, and that they managed to save the building next door to the lodge. The lodge and rental shop, however, were “a complete loss,” in the words of one volunteer. They don’t suspect foul play—though international terrorist Hans Gruber, villain of the first

Die Hard

, has yet to be questioned.

As you’d expect with Willis’s involvement, celebrity blogs are all over the story.

Perez Hilton

called the blaze “So sad!” while


confused “lodge” (for you non-skiers, that’s place where skiers hang out and drink hot cocoa when it’s cold) with Willis’s “ski house” (which, as mentioned, is a few towns away in Hailey and nowhere near the base of the resort).


Zach Crist skis the burn in SV

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