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Build Your Own Adirondack Ski Chair

Killing time 'till next season? Break out your power drill.

Now that lifts have stopped spinning for the season, it's time to build the perfect après spot for your home. This relatively simple Adirondack ski chair is a great way to clear out those old skis in your garage and spruce up your patio. Just follow these six steps and expert advice from Michael Bellino, "Chairman of the Boards" at, and voilà—you've got yourself a new après spot for the après season. 

How to build an Adirondack ski chair

With patience, a circular saw, a drill, and some old skis, you can have the best Adirnodack ski chair in town.

Adirondack Ski Chair Supplies

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Adirondack Ski Chair Directions

  1. After you shuck your bindings, cut what will be the two center skis of the chair back to 37 inches long, measuring from the tip. Cut the next two skis to 33.5 inches from the tip and the last two to 30 inches from the tip.
  2. Cut all six tails to 17.5 inches, measuring from the tail. (Save these if you’re going to build an ottoman.) Take the leftover middle pieces and cut to 21 inches. These are for the seat of your chair. (File down any sharp edges... or pray your guests have had recent tetanus shots.)
  3. Use the templates from the plans to drill holes into the seat pieces using a #8 bit with a countersink. Each piece should have four holes: one in each corner. These will hold screws for the wood frame.
  4. Make the seatback. Take the four longest cut sections (the ones with the tips) and drill a hole in each corner of the cut end of the skis. Drill two more holes in each ski, 12.25 inches up, measuring from the cut end toward the tip. These will hold screws for the back braces of the chair.
  5. Your remaining cut sections with tips are the left and right sides of the seatback. In the bottom corner of each ski, drill one hole first. The hole should be nearer to the center skis of the chair back. To ensure a solid fit, you’ll have to drill each section’s remaining holes—the other bottom holes, as well as the upper ones—freehand as you attach the chair to the wood frame pieces.
  6. Assemble the chair. Put decking screws (square heads, 1 inch, stainless steel) through the holes you just drilled, tighten ’er up, and have a seat.

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Original tips from Michael Bellino, “chairman of the boards” at, which makes furniture, wine racks, and other goods from old skis. He has roughly 100,000 pairs of skis in stock.


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