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In 2006, Evan Reece cofounded, a purveyor of discounted lift tickets that can save you up to 70 percent. Here, Reece explains ticket-buying strategy. As told to Skiing Magazine contributor Katie Matteson.

Our customers buy tickets the same way they’d book hotel rooms or airline tickets. Resorts adjust ticket prices and quantities up or down depending on things like weather, snow, and day of week. Customers save by buying date-specific, nonrefundable tickets in advance.

Timing is everything, but you also have to think regionally—like in Utah during the Sundance Film Festival. The mountains are empty, so resorts are desperate to sell tickets.

Christmas week and Martin Luther King Jr. weekend are the busiest times of the year, so don’t bother looking for skiing deals then. And there are always more Sunday deals. We often sell Sunday tickets for around 55 percent off, while Saturday tickets are usually only discounted by 15 percent.

Super Bowl Sunday and the weekend after New Year’s are always slower at resorts. That’s a great time for discounts.

Resorts were initially hesitant to work with us, but we proved that giving people a deal was actually in resorts’ and the ski industry’s best interest.

Our first season, it was the progressive resorts working with us—all seven of them. Last season we had 35, which was a little less embarrassing. This season we have around 100 resorts on the program.

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