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Classics: Squaw Valley, California

It’s more than G.N.A.R.
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Classics: Squaw Valley tout

As owners and locals fight over the future of Squaw’s base area and three years of drought test the economy, the fact remains that skiing Squaw is fun. The soul of skiing does live here, but in the form of a great community more than marketing lingo. A cathedral of American skiing, it’s the setting of Hot Dog...the Movie and the last truly dirtbag (in a good way) Olympics. The terrain is great no matter the conditions, the people are downright awesome, and the sun always shines in California.


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Anatomy: Squaw Valley's Palisades

Locals have a mantra for the Palisades: “When in doubt, air it out.” This granite block has cameoed so many times in ski-porn that its 60-footers and vise-grip couloirs are as familiar as Glen Plake’s mohawk.

Squaw Valley 2011

Squaw Valley

Squaw Valley Ski Resort is located in Olympic Valley, California and is the second largest ski resort at Lake Tahoe. Squaw Valley was the site of the 1960 Olympic Winter Games.

Ride the Granite Chief chairlift on a powder day if you feel like showing off—small and large cliff bands are located right under the chair for prime spectator heckling."Make sure that every line you’re going to ski is in plain view for everyone to see," jokes pro skier and Squaw local Elyse Saugstad. "Right before you drop into your line, claim aloud how cool you are." Eben Mond at Squaw Valley.

Squaw Valley: 5 Insider Tips

There have been whole books (like Squallywood, by Robb Gaffney) written about how to ski the gnarliest lines at Squaw Valley, California. So there aren't a lot of secrets left. But we uncovered a few insider tips (with help from local pro skier Elyse Saugstad) that might help anyone planning a visit to Squaw.