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Colby West Does it Again

You've probably seen pro skier Colby West's goofy impersonations and singalongs in Matchstick Productions' films. They're funny, right? Well, now he's bringing his camera-friendly mug to the commercial side of things, with a slapstick ad for Vail Resorts' Epic Pass.
Location: X Games, Aspen, COPHOTO: Scott Markewitz

Location: X Games, Aspen, CO
PHOTO: Scott Markewitz

Shane McConkey would be proud of the kind of humor that pro skier Colby West is bringing to the ski movie screen. Last year, it was Tom Jones's "It's Not Unusual," which West performed in Matchstick Production's film Claim (check out the You Tube clip below). He also helped create an award-winning song and video for Team America during the Jon Olsson Super Sessions called My Friend is a Pro, which was an immediate internet sensation. This year, West returned to help sing Billy Joel's "Piano Man" during the closing credits of MSP's In Deep (again, clip below for your viewing pleasure). And now, are you the ready for the latest in West's witty on-camera humor? Introducing, an ad for Vail Resorts' Epic Pass, quite possibly the funniest ad Vail has ever created. And the ad has surfaced just in time too: The last day to buy an epic pass is November 22.

EPIC PASS Infomercial from Mike Thomas on Vimeo.

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