COLORADO: Breckenridge's Freeway

Inside Line


Breck's park crew-led by five-year vet Brad Hoerter-cuts a mean pipe. The superpipe is 450 feet long, features 18-foot walls, andangles downhill at 17 degrees. Pay your dues in the smaller pipes scattered around Breck; then start slow in the big one, launching some straight airs.


This rail starts on a 16-degree upward incline, flattens and curves into a 20-foot-long half-moon, and then straightens into a down rail. The transitions can be killers. "First, try taking it a section at a time, rather than going for the whole thing," warns Michael Olenick, who stars in Warren Miller's Higher Ground this year.


This undulating rail lies adjacent to the pipe. To clean it, you need to stay centered over your skis-or they'll slip out in front of you."People tend to go in with toomuch speed. I try to go in slow, keep my feet under me, and launch off the end," says Olenick. Once you reach the "tail" of the fish, pop off (and throw a 270 if you can).


Skier's right once you enter the park, this set of three kickers gets progressivelybigger heading downhill, with gaps ranging from 40 to 80 feet. "The biggest mistake people make is going too slow," says Breck freestyle coach Chris Hawks. "If you don't clear the deck, there's going to be a lot of wreckage."

Superpipe inrun.

"The second kicker of the Triple Jump has more of an apex at the lip, so it throws you higher," says freestyle coach Hawks.

Frontside boardslide on the kinked rail.

With a gap as big as 80 feet, the third kicker will send you. Freaked? Bail before you get there.Practice high-wall turns on this quarterpipe before entering the superpipe.

The bottom of the pipe is deliberately icy to help skiers maintain speed through the transitions.

NOTE: Terrain-park crews stay busy changing lines, gap lengths, and rail positions. This description may not represent current park conditions.


Andreas Hatveit gets ready for a crazy game of Twister. Freeway 8 superpipe, Breckenridge.


Breckenridge Ski Resort in Colorado's Summit County offers world-class skiing, lodging, dining and nightlife. Breckenridge averages 300 inches of snowfall and 300 days of blue skies per year.