Colorado Yo-Yo Project

Chris Davenport

Like many pro skiers, 35-year-old Chris Davenport sets goals for himself in the off-season. But the ski-film star isn't like most skiers. So he's decided to ski all 54 of Colorado's 14,000-foot peaks (or "fourteeners") in one season. If he pulls it off, he'll make the record books.

"I need a break from the same old stuff," he says. "Shooting ski films for Matchstick Productions, competitions, guiding. I want to rise above that." Davenport started his tour de force in January of this year and hopes to finish in June or July. If snowpack and other conditions don't cooperate, he'll complete the task in the fall, having skied all of Colorado's fourteeners, which range from "green to extreme," in less than a year-also a record.

How far-fetched is Davenport's mission? Pretty damn outrageous, considering that famed ski mountaineer Lou Dawson, the first to ski all 54 peaks, spent 13 years doing what Davenport hopes to do in six months. But 53-year-old Dawson, who's been helping Davenport plan his descents and will accompany him on several peaks, thinks the kid can bag and ski them all. "It seems like a reasonable goal," he says. "Chris is a real go-getter. But I don't know if I can keep up with him."


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