Crested Butte Lodging: The Wanderlust Hostel

The next time you head to Crested Butte, save some money and meet some interesting personalities by staying at the Wanderlust Hostel in Gunnison, Colorado. For only $23 a night, you’ll get a warm room, communal kitchen, hot shower, and an inviting common space to play the guitar, cards, or just chat with other hostel goers.
Abby the greeter.

I got into Gunnison at 11 P.M., ready to sleep and not wanting to spend a lot of money to do it. The bartender at the local brewery informed me about a nearby hostel that opened in June called The Wanderlust. It’s located at 221 North Boulevard in Gunnison, Colorado, with two dorm and private rooms available, in addition to free wireless Internet, tea, and coffee, storage for bikes and skis, an outdoor fire pit and grill, lockers, and laundry facilities.

 Owner Amy Stevens calls her hostel “a bed between adventures.” “We are primarily focused on people traveling around Colorado with their bikes, skis, or both,” says Stevens, who’s also a guide for Crested Butte Mountain Guides. “I have stayed in so many hostels and developed a love for the kind of community you can find. Hotels are ridiculously expensive and usually uncomfortable, so why not stay somewhere cheaper with a community environment? I want people to come in and play the guitar, cook large meals, or relax on the couch, and do it for a price that allows them to continue traveling.”

In addition to the pennies it costs to stay, you can catch a free bus to Crested Butte just one block away from Wanderlust. The hostel is a lodging partner with the resort, so staying at Wanderlust gets visitors discounted lift tickets and if you show up before December 16, you ski for free. [


Known for it's steeps, Crested Butte houses such aptly named runs as "Dead End Chutes," "Staircase," and "Hot Rocks," as well as the US Freeskiing World Championships.  If that isn't enough, the Body Bag Glades should be. The glades as well as Dead Man's Chute are located in the resort's "Extreme Limits," terrain that should be considered out-of bounds if the resort didn't want to boost its acreage. The Body Bag Glades drop 275 feet at 55 degrees, so you'll have to stick the landing if you want to live to tell about it.

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There's no easy way down. Jump-turn, pole-plant through the narrow chute, and then hold on tight while you drop the mandatory 10-foot air at the bottom. Welcome to Crested Butte.

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48 hours in Crested Butte

Crested Butte is home to terrain that will make your knees weak and your palms sweaty. It’s also famous for delicious food and a friendly downtown. Here’s how to maximize two days in one of our favorite spots to ski.

Crested Butte at night

Crested Butte

Blessed with geographic isolation to keep day-trippers at home, CB is the unpretentious, steep, rocky resort it’s always been with only one change:upgraded on-slope accommodation.

Winner Griffin Post

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