Cutting Skis For a Cause

A new ritual for old gear

4FRNT skis recently collected nearly a thousand pairs of old skis, at their headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah, and cut them up.

They collected even more old boots, mixed them with the cut-up skis, put them in a shipping container, and sent them to a processing facility in Loveland, Colorado. Why? Skiers have been repurposing old skis for generations. The shot ski, the ski chair, the ski fence and more are standard mountain décor. Sadly skiers can only occupy so many ski chairs, and too many shot skis undoubtedly leads to excessive mopping—leaving hundreds of unused skis rusting in landfills or sent up in smoke to appease the snow gods. Smoldering skis might be cause for celebration, but the black plumes they make don’t do much to help keep winter white.

With that in mind, 4FRNT recently joined a new solution for tired snow gear that doesn’t involve any ritualized dancing, but does cut back on ski gear going to the dump. SnowSports Industries America (SIA) has created the Snow Sports Recycling Program in an effort to recycle old equipment and find it new life in the form of things like composite lumber and landscaping rock. The programs eventual goal is to turn old ski gear back into new ski gear.

“We’re just starting to do more things to help out [the environment].” Says 4FRNT Brand Manager Phil Herbert. “We’ve been experimenting with new environmentally-friendly resins, and ways to cut down on everything—we’ve even set up a new process to cut fiberglass so we waste less.” Herbert says that when SIA approached 4FRNT last January about expanding their Snow Sports Recycling Program into Utah it made sense. The program has already been successful in Colorado. Utah’s skiing community embraced the concept as well. “Park City made a big push at the end of the year.” States Herbert. “We filled our shipping container, but as this grows I think we’ll see more shipments.”

Next winter save some skis from the fire and help keep winter around. Lean on your local shops to start collecting skis for recycling and keep the folks at 4FRNT busy. For more info go to:



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