Mike Hattrup, who shredded couloirs with Glen Plake and Scot Schmidt in 1988's The Blizzard of Aahhhs, organized his own time trial up l'Alpe d'Huez after the 2004 Tour de France riders came through. The self-anointed directeur sportif of K2 Telemarking picked his job title to reflect tactics-minded French cycling coaches.

Body Benefit: Aerobic + Anaerobic Conditioning
Cycling's dual blitz of anaerobic bursts on the climbs and aerobic conditioning on the flats will serve you well for backcountry skinning followed by heart-pumping powder turns.

Skill: Terrain Adaptation
As you ride, try to anticipate and absorb terrain changes like frost heaves, tight turns, and uneven surfaces. Relaxing your grip on the handlebars will smooth out your ride and conserve energy; bring the same absorption skills to fast, free-flowing turns on the slope.

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