Destination Antarctica

Senior Editor Sam Bass is headed to Antarctica on a ship full of skiers.
Ushuaia Tom Day

Skiing by ship. From November 1 through November 18, Skiing Magazine's Senior Editor Sam Bass will be living aboard a ship off the coast of Antarctica, along with a team of other skiers, including a camera crew and athletes from Warren Miller Entertainment. They'll be taking Zodiacs ashore to climb and ski the southern-most mountains in the world. Check back here for regular updates from life on—and off—the ship.

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Update #10: Heading Home.

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Update #10: Last Day of Skiing.

Plus Photos!

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Update #9: Mini Golf on King George Island


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Update #8: Filming with the Warren Miller Crew.

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Update #7:

Greetings from the South Shetland Islands.

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Update #6: A New Continent


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Update #5: First Day on the Drake Passage.

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Update #4: Departing Ushuaia.

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Update #3: Arriving in Argentina and the first ski tour.

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Update #2: En Route to Ushuaia.

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Update #1: Preparing for the journey.

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Photo Gallery #1: Ushuaia, Argentina.

Photo Gallery #2: Welcome to Antarctica.

Photo Gallery #3: First Turns.

Photo Gallery #3: More Skiing.

Sam Answers Questions from a Sixth Grader.

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Steve Romeo drops in.

Destination Antarctica: More Skiing

Skiing Magazine's Senior Editor Sam Bass is logging a lot of vertical this week. Check out his images to see what skiing in Antarctica is like.

The culmination of years of planning and hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

Destination Antarctica: Gallery (2)

On board the Clipper Adventurer, the crew departs Argentina and sets anchors on the shores of Argentina. A gallery of images by photographer Adam Clark and writer Sam Bass.

Rando Steve in lower third of chute on Weincke with   Neumeyer channel in background

Destination Antarctica: First Turns (Gallery)

Bluebird and big lines. The skiing has begun on Antarctica. With good weather and stable snow, the group has been able to log a few turns and enjoy some amazing vistas.

Beef: Argentina has one of the world's highest consumption rates of beef, and is among the world’s top beef exporters. Pretty much, beef is what’s for dinner. While the trend now is towards American-influenced feedlots, grass-fed beef is still abundant in Argentina. Grass-fed beef is higher in anti-inflammatory omega 3 fatty acids, immune enhancing beta-carotene, and heart-healthy vitamin E than it’s conventionally-raised counterpart. On the Menu: The Argentine version of barbecue is called asado (beef grilled on an open fire pit) and it's standard family fare. Keep an eye out for sweetbreads or mollejas which are actually glands like the heart or pancreas.

Three More Reasons to Ski in Argentina

Meat, wine, and yerba mate. And why the South American diet is good for you.

Carston Oliver in Las Lenas, Argentina.

Sweetgrass Production's "Solitare"

Sweetgrass Productions isn't your average film company. Instead of shooting urban jibs and heli-fueled big mountain lines, they've made a name for themselves by filming in-depth portraits of human-powered ski culture, with a side of pow shots (see their last film "Signatures"). They've spent the past two seasons in South America shooting their 2011 production, "Solitare." Here's a behind the scenes look.

The lower 48’s highest peak is often a training ground for mountaineers looking to conquer higher peaks, but that doesn’t mean that with some skills or a guide it can still be attainable for savvy backcountry skiers.

Where to Ski in August

August is when the itch gets the worst. Hot, lazy days lose their shine. The buzz of the air conditioner starts to burn your eardrums. And winter feels SO far away. And it is, but a plane ticket or a long hike could change that. Here’s where you can get your midsummer fix.

Andreas Fransson and JP Auclair | Photos: Salomon, Armada

Two Pro Skiers Killed in Patagonian Avalanche

JP Auclair and Andreas Fransson were caught in an avalanche on South America’s Mount Cochrane on Monday, September 29, 2014.


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Spend your mornings knee-deep in Norwegian powder—and your afternoons filled with fine dining, culture, and museum hopping.