Destination Rails: Quebec City, QUE


Rail: The Big Red Ledge
Location: Parc de la Chute-Montmorency
Size: 25-plus stairs, down kink to start and a flat kink at the bottom
The Skinny: Located next to Montmorency Falls, the ledge is a rite of passage for skiers in Quebec. It's a cinch to get on, but don't be deceived—the quick kink at the end ain't easy. Bring a shovel—the stairs aren't cleared in the winter.
Directions: From downtown, take 440 toward Mont Sainte-Anne and get off at Montmorency Falls. Turn left at the first light, right again at the stop sign, and then right onto Avenue Royale. Go over the falls and park at the snack bar. If you're looking up at the falls, the ledge is to your right.

Rail: The Kink
Location: Ferdinand-Séguin School
Size: 31 steps and four kinks
The Skinny: This schoolyard is Quebec City's best rail garden. The Kink rail busted Phil Belanger's shoulder in 2004, but J.F. Houle (above) cleaned it last winter for Plehouse's latest film, Skimatic. On weekends, the place is a free-for-all.
Directions: Google Map it: 2590 Rue Biencourt Ste-Foy, Quebec City, QC G1V 1H3.

Rail: Down rail at the Les Plaines d' Abraham
Location: Parc Des Champ-De-Bataille
Size: 20 steps, no kinks
The Skinny: This rail is steep and tricky, but the landing is perfect. The hard part is getting onto the rail because the inrun is flat and without a jump. And don't bother building one or you'll catch hell from the locals.
Directions: Take Grande-Allée east from downtown. Turn right onto George-VI Ave. The rail will be to your left.


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