Diamond Peak


Bigger is not always better, nor desirable. For skiers and snowboarders who don’t want the expansive terrain of most Lake Tahoe resorts, let us recommend Diamond Peak, a medium-sized but exquisite jewel that destination vacationers too often overlook. Diamond Peak often is less crowded than the other large Tahoe areas and perfect for families. Visitors remark that this is a very friendly area. Take a camera-the view is beautiful.With runs knifing down through Ponderosa Pines along a long single ridge, Diamond Peak offers an excellent family mountain where all trails funnel to a single base area. The views down toward the lake are spectacular and the early-morning groomed corduroy alongside powder seems to drop right into the water.The tougher trails drop from the crest of the ridge traced by Crystal Ridge and the intermediate trails are clustered within sight of the base lodge. Intermediates can’t go too far wrong at this resort and advanced skiers will have a good time at the higher reaches of the resort.