Dirt-Cheap Travel

How far can $300 take you at North America’s ritziest resorts?

Unless you schralp your yard on two-by-fours, it’s hard not to hemorrhage cash when you go skiing. Gas, tickets, flights, and meals all add up. Still, it’s possible to spend far less than you think. To prove it, we sent Skiing Magazine operatives to Vail, Whistler, Deer Valley, Jackson Hole, and Stowe. Each man’s task: ski two days, stay two nights, and feed himself for $300. Click on the links below and see what happened.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Stowe, VT

Deer Valley, Utah

Whistler, British Columbia

Vail, Colorado



Buy Cheap Lift Tickets

In 2006, Evan Reece cofounded Liftopia.com, a purveyor of discounted lift tickets that can save you up to 70 percent. Here, Reece explains ticket-buying strategy. As told to Skiing Magazine contributor Katie Matteson.