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How to Snap a Magazine Cover Shot

Photographer Lee Cohen outlines what you need to create to cover shot.

Once your foot is in nice and snug, stand with your toe on a one-inch-high block (a book or piece of wood works nicely) and lean forward. Stand like this until the liner has cooled, roughly 10 to 12 minutes. Then pull your foot out of the boot and remove the sock and toe cap. Then put the sock back on and step into the boot to see how it feels. You're all done.

How to Heat Mold Your Boots

If you get a new pair of boots, you should take them to a professional bootfitter to make sure they're completely dialed. But, let's say, for some reason (like you're leaving on a trip tomorrow or you can't afford the bootfitting), you need to heat mold your new ski boot liners yourself. Here's how to do it.

As one of Gunderson’s Pacific Northwest athletes, I have spent countless hours in the sun, snow, and sleet trying to help produce photos that will remind others of why they love to ski. This winter, at Outdoor Research’s Vertfest photography clinic, Grant had the opportunity to share a few tips with aspiring ski photographers. I took a few notes. –Molly BakerHere's what Grant had to say:The meter in your camera will be confused by excess light reflecting off of the snow.  If you don’t have an incident meter, try taking a light meter reading off of your hand, or try over-exposing by a stop and a half.

Ski Photography Pointers From Grant Gunderson

Grant Gunderson is one of the most recognized ski photographers in the industry. Cover shots and photography contest wins adorn his resume, along with some of the most stunning images in the world of skiing. Here are some of his tips for getting the shot.

As resorts across the country are closing for the season and summer gear is being dusted off, the spring skiing in the eastern Sierra is going off. From Tioga Pass to Mt. Whitney, the Sierra Nevada has one of the deepest snow packs in the country and right now is the perfect time to get out and enjoy it. California’s mild weather and dense snow pack make for some of the finest spring corn imaginable, so start early, know your aspects, and follow the sun throughout the day.

Spring in the Sierra: Where to Ski, Eat, and do as the locals.

Pro skier Jeremey Benson offers tips on where to find good backcountry spring skiing in California's Sierra Nevada—from Tioga Pass to Mt. Whitney—as well as insider knowledge on the best local BBQ, hot springs, bike rides, gear shops, and more.

When We Can't Ski

What We Do When We Can't Ski

Because we can’t spend the whole summer in South America.

Bobby Brown took X Games gold in both big air and slopestyle (seen here). Not too shabby for his second ever X Games.

X Games: Shots from Ski Slopestyle

Bobby Brown of Breckenridge, Colorado, won his second gold medal of this year's Winter X after finishing first in today's slopestyle comp.